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Well, now that you're here I guess I'll tell you why you're here.  You are here to be my dirty little pet! On your knees worshiping, spending, and basically keeping me happy. But you knew that already though didn't you?  Why else would you have been searching for a smokin' hot girl (that you could never have) who loves to humiliate tiny pathetic bitches like you?


I'll go ahead and tell you though, if you're a cheap bastard, don't waste my fucking time.  I'm on here for the money and I've got better shit to do than waste my life entertaining you for free. It's not going to happen.  I'm here so I can afford to do all the fun shit I like to do.  I'm here so YOU can pay for ME to go out to clubs and drive nice ass cars and pretty much live the life you wish you could be a part of (but don't ever think you could possibly be part of this life...it's not meant for guys like you lol).  If you are a broke ass loser, then keep on truckin baby, cause I got no time for fuckers like you.


Now, all you sissy bitches with money can stay.  I want to drain your bank account and have some fun doing it.  You're in big trouble, you just don't know it yet.  I'm going to take it all and you're gonna be stuck trying to explain to the little wifey why you've been blowing all your cash on your new online Goddess, Bratty Goddess Adrianna. I can't wait to watch your face turn bright red when she finds all the credit card statements where you've bought me shit lol.  It'd be priceless to watch you squirm...and probably cry.  "Oh, honey! Umm, I didn't mean to blablabla, I love you blablabla.."  Fucking pitiful lol.

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29736-Updated Private Cam Schedule-ClubAdrianna
Friday, 09-Oct-2015

Updated web cam schedule

30 minute show minimum

theadriannamarie@gmail.com to book your show.

Rates start at $89

First 12 appointments get a free website password.